Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What if you would have to tell someone the most important thing in the world but you knew that they would never believe you ?

Yeah, how would you answer the question above if you were me? As for me, I'll say "I'll still try" or "I've tried"...It's nt easy though...but what life is if it's not all about trying n trying to our last breath? All of us are trying every second of our life. Trying to live, trying to love, trying to feel, trying for perfection...the list may go on forever...Yes, trying does pull me down, drag me to where I don't belong...but it's worth it when our effort is paid off! Yet, what if our trying comes to a dead end? Do you give up? Do you really think that "Yeah, that's it! That's the end!"??? I leave the questions to be pondered upon...sometimes YOU have to listen to what YOUR LITTLE HEART SAYS...listen with YOUR HEART n YOU'LL KNOW THE ANSWER...


At November 6, 2009 at 1:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello my dear
you are yearning for a past that will never return
won't it be better & more fruitful if you yearn for a better future with the people who truly cares about you?
remember, you may think that you're in the deepest shit ever, but actually there are people who are way deeper in the shit
those are the people who don't have control or power over their own lives
you, on the other hand, do have control over your own life
but you simply allow yourself to go astray
start living your life already!

At November 6, 2009 at 12:07 PM , Blogger MarKim said...

Oh, is tis coincidence? Someone anonymous nway, u're right in any other way. Yeah, i've been tinking tat i'm in d deepest shit ever 4 d whole nite yesterday cz i couldnt accept d fact tat a person whom i trusted so mch would hv changed n tink of me as bad as any1 could tink of. I kept repeating 2 myself tat i dun mind 2 be threatened, i dun mind 2 be insulted but I MIND when tat some1 lose faith in me!

When i wake up tis mrng, i told myself tis is more often than nt, ppl r blinded by truth n i cnt blame him if he chose to be blinded as well. I've tried 2 talk sense 2 him, hoping tat truth would come 2 his realisation bt i guess i failed. So nw it's d time i take control of my life as u said.

It may nt be nth is ez in life right?=) Whoever u are, thank u 4 dropping by when d world ard me is collapsing...

p/s: I reali3 hope u're nt d same anonymous whom hv tried 2 ruin me n him lately. If u are, BRAVO!! Cz u've succeeded in doing so. If u're nt, hope u're nt offended.


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